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Welcome to aap noot ease

We offer music workshops for children up to 8 years old.
Learning a new language can be difficult, but using music makes it a lot easier. Many have gone before you by starting to sing to learn a new language. (CLICK!)
Our Bilingual program is designed to become familiar with music and the Dutch (or English) language in a playful way.
Neither you nor your child need to have any knowledge of Dutch to join us and learn.
All workshops will be introduced in English and Dutch to make everyone feel at home. The songs are first introduced in English, after which we switch to the Dutch language.
We sing familiar songs, so that everyone can join.
We will build a musical party, in which we combine language with singing, movement, dance and other musical games. Our unique sensory music & languages programme is tailored specifically to the developmental stage of your child. We work on themes that fit the age groups of the children.

New classes starting soon!

Family groups
Fun gathering! Get to know other (expat) moms and dads. Of course grandparents, nannies and childminders are welcome too! Musical activity with your child.
1 – 4 year olds
The Hague
Starting the 9th of March  – every Saturday morning @ Frankenslag 139    – 10.30

Why be moody.. when you can shake your booty!

Family groups

10 classes – EU 96,-
5 classes – EU 55,-
1 class – EU 12,-

Free trial class for everyone
Expat discount: Join 10 classes and get 10% discount.


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